WHY Midland? So much more than boxes

A legacy of custom shipping pallets


As a division within Green Bay Packaging, our employees share a  culture of innovation that supports the creativity and talent.  Midland works for customers first. We focus on creating solutions for custom corrugated packaging and displays, both structurally and graphically. Midland is driven by continuous improvement and is focused on providing customers with outstanding service while maintaining strong environmental and social responsibilities


  • Safe Quality Food Certification (including COA and COC traceability)
  • Owned corrugators, mills and forests along with committed supply agreements with key raw material partners
  • Availability of multiple board grades including both Mullen and ECT
  • Commitment to sustainable forestry practices and programs; SFI® and FSC® certifications
  • Customer embedded team resources available for design projects
  • Customizable inventory management programs with real time customer portal access
  • Design of the Times™, American Graphic Design™ and OMA™ award winners
  • Design centers in Wisconsin and Illinois with diverse teams of industry leading structural engineers and graphic designers
  • A formalized cost savings and continuous improvement program from a dedicated packaging systems team
  • On-site Certified ISTA testing laboratory
  • UN certified for hazardous goods packaging


Midland Packaging & Display is one over 30 Green Bay Packaging  divisions across the U.S. and Mexico.